Missouri Heights Schoolhouse History

Letter to the Missouri Heights Community League from Dave Eslick—November, 30, 2010

...Missouri Heights Photos from the late 1910s into the 1920s. These photos came to me through Maggie Belle Loesch who died in 2005 at the age of 100 years old.

During the time period mentioned above, she lived in Missouri Heights with her mother (Carrie Price) and stepfather (Charles Price). Charles Price died in 1929 and the family of Mr. Price moved to Colorado Springs. Maggie Belle married Jacob Loesch and they lived and farmed on Missouri Heights for a few years until moving to New Castle where they lived until retiring to Canon City in the late 1970s…

1919 Haying

Holding Spuds

Chopping Wood

Bailing Hay

1919 MH Schoolhouse


Images from the Maggie Belle Loesch Photo Collection, taken between 1919 and 1924, donated to MHS by Dave Eslick: Clockwise from top left—Plowing the high fields, Bailing hay, Standing on the bailer, Bailing hay, the MH Schoolhouse in 1919, Gathering spuds in 1921.